Apart from carrying out repairs to Televisions and Computers PCB Electronics provide a number of other services, some of which are listed below.

PCB Electronics are able to supply original or alternative copy remote controls for most makes and models at very competitive prices. Please note these are not 'One For All' remote controls that require programming, all they require is the batteries inserting and you are ready to go. If you are looking to replace a remote control please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help you.

Original replacement remote controls are identical to those ones supplied with your new audio/visual device. When you buy a new television from a reputable dealer, the remote control which comes with it is known as an original remote. These are generally more expensive then alternative replacements.

Alternative replacements remote controls are model specific and will work as soon as you insert the batteries. No set up is required - not to be confused with universal remote controls which usually need to be set up and have limited functionality.

It is inevitable that with a rapid advancement in consumer home electronics, many people find the new equipment and the extra facilities that come with them quite daunting and difficult to set up. Because of this its natural for some people to decide to leave it to people experienced in this field. PCB Electronics can call to your property to set up and install most types of home entertainment equipment. If you are interested in this service please feel free to call us when we can discuss your requirements and give you an competitive quote.

Due to the surge in the purchase of Laptops and also the availability of cheap reliable routers which allow a user to surf the internet from any location in a house within the range of the router, many people prefer to take this method as their preferred way to connect onto the internet. In a lot of cases this is normally a straight forward situation to set up, however in a number of cases complications can arise which may require a more detailed knowledge of the installation and setting up of the WiFi router and the connected computers. PCB Electronics can provide this service for customers who are experiencing these problems. We can if required supply the router and any additional items needed or we can simply set up your existing equipment. If you would like us to quote you for the setting up of a WiFi router system at your property please feel free to contact us for a free competitive quote.

Its an unfortunate fact of everyday life that accidents happen, because of the way Plasma, LCD and Rear Projection Tv's are manufactured they are not normally as robust as the older CRT televisions, because of this we have seen a marked increase in the number of televisions accidentally damaged. For some people where the screen has been damaged or the set has had something spilt into it that unfortunately requires the person to buy another television at their own expense. However for the people who have house contents insurance with accidental damage included it is possible in most case to claim for the cost of the replacement TV on their insurance policy. The insurance company concerned will generally require a written report to state the condition of the television before they will actually authorise a repair or in most cases authorise a replacement Television. PCB Electronics has many years of experience of dealing with insurance companies and are aware of what they generally require on a report, this prevents any delays in the processing of a claim. If you require such a report please feel free to call us for our current charges to create the report.